Poem at the new year

It’s been a while since I had the oomph to blog. But that’s a luxury.

We have to find within ourselves the strength, courage, and love to work for a restoration of our democracy.  As I thought about that, this poem came to me.

Never Doubt


Breathing in, feeling my shoulders drop
And my face relax for a moment.
I could almost forget
The faces that cannot hide
The lives that will be stripped naked
In the glare of naked hatred.

Breathing out, something bitter is released
and my heart skips forward on that crest of breath
and I feel free for a moment
until the very thought of freedom
pulls my breath back and I am breathing
with every gasp of fear
every cry of sadness
and every dream that is choked.

Breathing in, feeling my shoulders drop
And my lungs fill with the breath I will need
To sustain myself, yes,
And to sustain the breath of this world
And all who live within its breathing halo.


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