Trolling for Music

It’s always an adventure to decide to browse for music and then a greater adventure to discover something. Up front confession — I do like electronic music.  I have ever since Kraftwerk back in the hm… 70s?  Looking at their discography — it was when Ralph and Florian came out — so early 70s.  It was something you could dance to,  get lost in, and it fed that part of me that wanted something so fresh — so different from daily life.  I can’t help but wonder if it was a craving for a sense of the future where technology might be used for creative rather than destructive purposes?  A Star Trek effect?

And today, looking for new inspiration — particularly  for worship — I found this band — Swedish, I think, called Covenant. One of their more mellow songs caught my eye and then ear.  I wouldn’t call them (at least in this song) Boundary Smashing or Mind Blowing — but if you like Electronic music —

It’s called Humility — and I was curious about what they had to say about Humility.  But it worked for me…

Behold the beauty that surrounds us
See the wonders we take for granted
Roam the world in all her glory
Sail the seas and climb the mountains

Discover things you never knew
Be happy that you’re alive
So many reasons to remain
So many people to embrace
So many stories to be told
So many errors to correct

Turn your gaze towards the moon
Even further if you dare
Turn your face towards the sun
And be grateful that it’s there

Behold the beauty we have made us
All the wonders that we created
See the cities of the ancients
In the deserts and the jungles


Published by
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

It is a trifle ponderous, musically — but the words caught my eye and and the beat — ponderous – let’s call it meditative caught my ear.


Theremin isbleaker but ironically danceable.


Call the ships to port is truly electronic dance music — a little more poetic and more reflective rock…

And sometime I will understand how to post these videos — but right now it’s just the luck of the draw — or rather the click.  I have no idea how it worked ….

Peace be with you.  Or at least the beat. Of your heart.  Keeping time with hope and meaning.

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