Looking for a Sign

I don’t know — this was just a sign that made my day one morning in a chain cafe in the Swansea train station.

Morning has broken pun card

There have been times in my life when — though I am a skeptic — things happen that just make me wonder.  You know those times when you go to call someone and without dialing — you discover them on the other end of the phone.  I guess that would have been in the old days.  But it did happen.

Then there was the time that a friend of mine was in a serious accident.  And, at just the moment that it was happening, I looked out of the window of my massage studio — it was a long time ago — and a small bat had settled itself under the edge of our deck.  My friend was someone who regularly rescued bats.

I seldom look for “signs” about the future or what choices I should make.  It’s more successful to look at my own intuition and reason and resources and decide from there.  And it’s hell when I don’t. Ever had the experience of hearing that little voice of wisdom in your head — not the one that says “go back and check to see if you closed the garage door” but the one that says — “I know I wish it were otherwise — but nothing good can come of this choice” and you go ahead and choose it anyway.  Or quite the reverse.

Most of the time, though, I think that we see the signs we are looking for.  We are paying attention in such a way that a message on the topic we are pondering, appears.  We didn’t cause it to appear.  And I feel fairly certain that God, the Universe, or WhatHaveYou doesn’t cause it to appear. I think, instead, that we start to pay closer attention to things that we can perceive as connected to that topic …. so they appear to us.

Of course there are other times that you go looking for something and can’t find it at all.  But at least, sometimes, you will receive a polite disappointment, as I did in London. out of order

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